Product Order

Once you have taken the Blood Nutrition Analysis and/or the Comprehensive Health Assessment, we will email you supplement recommendations that best suite you. We would encourage you to only take what is needed to alleviate the underlying cause of your condition and not become accustomed to taking the Supplement of the Day. We assure you that engaging in a healthy lifestyle is superior to taking any supplements; as such we discourage you to pick and choose on your own and rely on our testing for best results.

If we have already given you recommendations and you would like to access our dispensary, to place an order for more of the same products please visit

Purchase products through our HealthWave virtual dispensary.

You will need your initial log-in and password to access the site. If you have questions regarding product order or would like to place an order over the phone, you can contact Fullscript at:

+1(877) 941-1449.

You may also Contact Us directly.