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What patients say About Vida 4 Vitality

  • "I began seeing Dr. Talebi for fatigue, grief, and digestion issues. Through homeopathic medicines, diet changes, and added nutrition, my energy has improved and my grief lessened. She is very thorough, caring, and persistent in her care, following the things that still need improvement. I would recommend Dr. Talebi to anyone who is interested in Naturopathic care."

  • "I have seen many doctors throughout the years dealing with my illness, but I have to say none of them ever have been as through or helpful in trying to find out what is wrong with me and how to treat it. Even in tough times I was having, Dr. Talebi tried to find a solution for me, and suggested alternative treatments. I am so appreciative for everything she has done for me, and all the time she has dedicated helping me."

  • "My name is Jeanette Perez-Cordero, I'm 22 years old and live in the Portland area and I am so grateful to have found Dr. Talebi and her Naturopathic practice. I was diagnosed with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease in April of 2013 and was hospitalized that same month. I had no energy. I had no appetite. I was in an extreme amount of pain every day. I lost 43 lbs in a month and was extremely anemic. I couldn't care for myself, much less my 2 year old daughter. My G.I. specialist told me I was going to need to start a self injection drug that I might have to be on for the rest of my life. He began talking about colon removal. Dr. Talebi gave me another option; she gave me a very strict diet to follow and a different medication called LDN. Within a week of starting this Specific Carbohydrate Diet, my IBD started to improve. Within a week of starting her medication, my pain level decreased dramatically, and a month afterwards there was no pain at all. Dr. Talebi helped give me back my life and the ability to be a mother to my child. She is not only professional, getting back to my e-mails quickly and efficiently, but also very kind and very caring. I don't want to think about how different things might have been had I not gone to her for help. Dr. Talebi and her care have been a huge blessing."

  • "When it come to my mom, I only thought of Dr Talebi. I had known her personally and professionally and trusted her clinical skills. When my mom saw her, she not only had results in a matter of a short few weeks, she felt validated, cared for, listened to, and that is something beyond desirable clinical outcome. In a short time, my mother's sleep, energy, digestive issues have improved, and she continues to look forward to her follow up visits with Dr. Talebi. Portland, take advantage of the fact that you have gem of a physician in your midst".

  • I have never received such personal care from a physician as I have received from Dr. Talebi. Her devotion to my family's overall health and well-being has been unparalleled. She not only successfully diagnosed my disorder and facilitated my recovery but continues to support my family in our journey to wellness. I highly recommend her services and tell you that not only will you find a physician but also a dear friend.

  • I am new to naturopath and after my recent experiences, excellent care and wonderful resources believe that with the whole body approach to wellness provided by my naturopathic physician I am treated as a whole person and now prefer my naturopathic physician over my standard primary care physician and know that the natural approach with the whole body model and treatments that Dr. Vida Talebi provides me will keep me well and happy for life.

  • "I had acne since I was 13 and for 8 years I battled with adult acne. I tried everything. I tried common face washes like proactive, expensive face washes, topical treatments, topical prescriptions, facials, skin specialists, masks, lasers, no makeup, prescription drug treatments, acupuncture, strict diets, home remedies, and hormone therapy; all with no long term results. My skin could look slightly better for a couple weeks before returning to its previous acne state. Unfortunately for me, my acne was also stubbornly genetic, a trait I inherited from my father. My constant acne was frustrating and it really affected my confidence. I couldn't help but focus on it every time I looked in the mirror. As much as I tried and wish it didn't, my constant acne affected the way I viewed myself. It wasn't until seeing Vida that I saw and real results for my skin and I now wish I had seen her sooner! My sister-in-law suggested Vida and trusting my sister-law's medical opinion, although hesitant, I made an appointment. Every other health professional I had seen had basically given up on me and my acne. Vida is very easy to talk to and she took the time to really understand the details of what was going on with my health. She asked lots of detailed questions and approached my skin as a symptom of underlying health issues. She went right for the root of the issue. She approached my health from many different angles and created a comprehensive plan including diet, supplements, and life style adjustments. After three months, I noticed a major improvement in my skin. And what was even more impressive, I noticed other health improvements as well! Including better digestion, more energy, better moods, etc. Vida's approach to health is holistic.

  • "When I turned 40, I started to experience many negative changes in my health. Friends would say that this is what happened when reaching this milestone. I went to my primary care physician only to be frustrated by multiple dead ends. Even though nothing was indicating that there was something wrong; I knew that this was not the case. I was constantly tired, I was experiencing headaches every day and my weight was getting out of control despite diet and exercise. I search for alternative medicine and I found Dr. Talebi's bio on her website. I was impressed that she would use a variety of test results to diagnose what was really happening. Admittedly, I didn't know much about naturopathic medicine and I was a little skeptical. However, I knew that I needed a different perspective. It has now been three months since I started seeing Dr. Talebi. Through a series of treatments, I now feel that I am being proactive about my health. Test results showed a very different picture than the one I had understood through my past physician. Through my treatment plan the headaches are almost gone, I have more energy and weight has started to come off. I am beginning to feel like myself and I now have hope that being in my 40s does not mean I have to accept how I felt. Instead, I can take control and live my best life."

Time is Precious for Today's Busy Woman

Today's woman is busy. As responsibilities pile on and schedules fill up, finding time for our own healthcare is downright difficult. Too many times a doctor visit has meant long waits for only a 5 - 10 minute appointment. It's not unusual to feel rushed or to have some of our questions go unanswered - even disregarded as irrelevant!

No two women are exactly alike; health challenges and needs vary. It stands to reason that personalized health plans are tantamount to attaining renewed vitality.

At Vida4Vitality, we give the power back to you to take charge of your own health. We have developed a way to identify your unique health needs and to offer you individualized care from the comfort of your own home.

A comprehensive questionnaire - plus a thorough blood analysis - gives us the ability to quickly evaluate your health needs and to provide recommendations for improving and revitalizing your health - not in a few weeks, but today!

Renewed vitality and care on your terms is just a click away!

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Our analysis and nutritional recommendations have been developed based on years of knowledge and clinical expertise. They have been modified over the last decade to ensure maximum benefits. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the analysis or nutritional plans after 30 days, simply call us at 661-727-3639 and we will reimburse you in full; no questions asked.

What We Don't Do Here

We don't diagnose; that is the job of your primary care physician. However, if we notice abnormal values on your test results, we will point them out to ensure that you seek the necessary care you need. This program is not to prevent you from getting the necessary face-to-face healthcare. It is meant to minimize chronic disease development so you won't have to be in your doctor's office continually.

If you find this information helpful and want to discuss your results further, appointments are available via phone or Skype. Click on the Make An Appointment tab above to proceed with this option.


Anytime you use one of our services, we donate 10% of our revenue to a charitable organization benefiting women and children either locally or around the world. Simply choose the charity of your choice upon check out and we will make a donation on your behalf. You will have the option of selecting one of the following charitable organizations: